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General Surgical and General Medical Conditions

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about General Surgical and General Medical Conditions

I am a graduate of the University of Zambia, School of Medicine with a Bachelor’s degree in Human
Biology (BSc.HB), and a Bachelor’s degree of Medicine, and Surgery (MBChB). I am passionate about my
work as it makes me part of the solution. I have great interest in infectious disease and public health and medical research. I am able to work under pressure with minimal supervision. I’m a fast learner and deeply motivated. I stand out as a very dedicated and focused person with the skill to coordinate, manage and motivate human resource. I am proactive, resourceful and result-oriented with strong strategic, analytical and problem-solving skills coupled with the ability to make sound judgment.
General Surgery Registrar at University Teaching Hospital Lusaka (2018 to date)
I routinely;
Ø  attend teaching sessions and to participate actively.
Ø  prepare and present scientific papers in surgical meetings in the hospital and outside.
Ø  participate actively in the Inter Departmental Clinical meetings and case discussions.
Ø  participate actively in the research work being done in the department.
Ø  participate in surgical workshop and basic surgical skill programmes being conducted by the department.
Ø  participate and contribute to the departmental quality initiatives.
Ø  be aware of departments performance and objective.
Ø  carry out data collection / support in data collection.
Ø  adhere the safety norms of the hospital, follow both patient, and staff safety rules.
Ø  perform any task / job as and when assigned by the superior.
Ø  assess surgical patient on arrival at Emergency.
Ø  do detailed clinical assessment of the patient on admission and to record it clearly in the patients medical records.
Ø  plan and get all required investigations done as directed by the primary consultant.
Ø  give appropriate instructions for preparation of patients pre-operatively.
Ø  assist with surgery in the operation theatre and perform some operations under supervision
Ø  look after the post-operative care of patients.
Ø  attend to surgical patients in the wards, take daily rounds and record progress in the patient records.
Ø  do surgical duties as required by the head of unit
Ø  assist other residents with ward procedures as and when required.