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How it works

Here you can find information about how TeleDoctor works.

For the doctor: 

If you’re a doctor interested in moving away from the 24 hour calls  or you simply want to supplement your income while you pursue other interests, joining the Teledoctor team could be the solution for you!

How it works:

We offer flexible working conditions,

You can setup your own schedule and patents can then fit your schedule. 

You then can go into the system and attend to your booked patients.

Patients can choose the doctor they want from the platform.

All doctors in the system are qualified and certified by Health Professional Council of Zambia and vetted by Teledoctor to be allowed to work on the platform.

Each doctor  is paid per consultation conducted monthly.

We tailor the fees  for doctors according to specialization and volume of calls attended. 

We give monthly payout or on request.

Teledoctor directly gets fees from clients and logs all the doctor calls and accrued fees which is paid directly to the doctors account 

A consultation log is also available  to the doctor

We provide training and orientation to all doctors before they can consult on the platform.

You have to be trained  and agree on T & C  before you can consult on our system.

Professional Guidance & Support

Good clinical governance is critical to operating any medical service. At Teledoctor, our experienced and reputable Medical Directors provide leadership, guidance, and oversee the quality of care to make sure it always meets the standards.

When you sign for a doctor’s job with us, you’ll gain access to the mentorship of an approachable Medical Director, and other senior Medical Practitioners who have extensive experience delivering primary and emergency medical care.

Please download the app!!



You may have noticed that it is very difficult to access a doctor or specialist!

You may also be struggling to fit your work schedule on your doctors appointment

Sometimes you just need to talk to a health professional but not leave your home!!


Teledoctor, is for you.


How it works:

Simply download the Teledoctor app: 

Or  go to our website:


You will then be asked to fill in a patient form with your details.

You will be required to include your email, where you validation details will be sent for security purposes.

Once you validate your registration, our team will get back to you and confirm your full registration.

Registration is for free,


Consultation with  your doctor,

Within the Teledoctor platform, you can  search for available doctors online or book an appointment with your preferred doctors. Simply search doctors and chose who you want to talk to. 

The doctor will confirm your request or suggest another time if already engaged on that slot.

In order to book with your doctor, you need to pay specified fees either pay as you go  or through subscription.

Packages are there and you chose one which fits your pocket and needs.

Once payment is done, you can freely  talk to your doctor as you want 

You can receive e-prescriptions,

You can book physical meetings with your doctor after your online consultation (You need to agree place with your doctor)


Your records will be available for you to review in future and print if you want.

All data is password protected and we recommend you do not share login details with others.

Confidentiality is maintained at all times.

All doctors working on our platform are fully qualified and  registered with professional Health Council of Zambia.


NB: Please read out T &C, for more details.