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About Us

Vision: To contribute towards provision health services using Mobile phone technology in Zambia

Mission: Taking health services closer to your door steps



1.    To provide easy access to health information using mobile phone technology

2.    To provide easy and rapid access to qualified health profession 

3.    To facilitate rapid referral service to established health institutions

4.    To provide options for home consultations for patients and their families

Target audience: All members of the public with access to a mobile phone and tourists visiting Zambia

Partners: Media, Mobile phone providers, a team of medical doctors and nurses.



Develop a database with common health problems in Zambia and provide short response to these problems with the aim of providing information as quickly as possible and suggest the next course of action.

The members of the public can text a special number with questions and then immediately receive a set of options which they can click to get what they want. If they are satisfied, that will be the end but if not, they can call a number at the bottom and they can directly talk to a trained nurse or clinical officer who can then triage the patient to a specialised doctor in that field. To access this service a small charge will be taken for each SMS received and to access doctor service you can top up doctor service as you buy talk time or be a registered member of the Teledoctor service. For example if you buy talk time for K10.00 you have one free call to doctor service which you must use within that month. This is just one way to make people pay for the service. Other ways can be explored.


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